Record high 2018

Record high 2018

It is usual within the business world to sum up the results of the passing year and discuss the plans for the coming year. 2018 was a successful year on many levels for Port Logistic LTd, the only operator of the Seaport of Vyborg. This was evident not only through their economic results, but also in their achievements in social, environmental and other issues.



Best result in 25 years!

A new cargo transshipment record is set this year. According to preliminary results, the cargo turnover for the port of Vyborg will reach over 1 900 000 for the first time in 25 years. The port topped its 2017 result by an impressive 24%.

Bulk is the main type of cargo handled by the port, where coal makes up 62% and mineral fertilizers 24%. According to preliminary data the port handled 364 vessels, an increase of 18% from the previous year.

This growth has been achieved by the optimization of technological processes and more efficient handling of transport vehicles. Better use of warehousing capacities as well as excellent teamwork of 343 employees, 80% of the being dockers have also contributed to the high results.

Every handled ton of cargo is a result of dedicated work from the staff and professionalism of the new management team.

Heading towards development

In 2018 Port Logistic LTd bought out the port premises from its previous owner, bankrupted Port Equipment LTd. The port operator as a stevedoring company and owner of the premises now plans to develop the port area and its infrastructure to increase cargo turnover and quality of services.

To further increase in cargo turnover the company considers it necessary to put three more cargo quays into operation and invest in warehousing areas. These changes will result in relocating some dust and noise producing operations away from residential areas to an industrial part of the port. The development of the port will also include the development of passenger shipping in order to add to the growth of tourist and cultural segments both in the town of Vyborg and in the Leningrad region.

 Social and environmental policy

Economic development shapes the company’s social and environmental policies. The management of Port Logistic LTd places high emphasis on these factors due to the port’s proximity to the historical center of the town and residential areas.

In 2018 the company developed and started implementing an environmental programme for the port of Vyborg which includes environmental compensatory measures up until the year 2025. These measures are aimed at minimization of the negative effect on the environment and improving ecological conditions for the life and health of the local population. Within a short time frame the port has implemented the biggest part of the three-year programme for environmental protection.

In order to decrease dust generation a mobile dust suppression unit has been purchased and installed. It is used depending on the speed and direction of wind and creates a curtain of water droplets between the industrial site and residential areas of the town, preventing the distribution of coal dust. This unit has proven to be highly effective and three more units will be purchased to reduce dust distribution during cargo operations.

The environmental actions in addition to those inside the port territory include measures to improve the living conditions of the town’s population. The company has covered the expenses for installing soundproof windows in the majority of apartments in nearby residential areas and in addition has provided residents with individual air-purifying devices.

The implementation of the environmental programme is one of the most important components for the development strategy of the port of Vyborg.

As far as social matters are concerned, the management of the company finds it necessary to take care both of the employees and the port veterans. A working career at the port has long been a source of pride for generations of Vyborg citizens. Therefore, any further development of the port will also include establishing a mentoring system and support for the younger generation interested in a professional career at the port.

Port history in a book

The port’s history is an indispensable part of the history of Vyborg. In 20018 a book dedicated to the history of the town “Town. Quay. Port.” was released, and quickly became a cultural phenomenon and has since taken its rightful place among books about our town.

Olga Ansberg, the general director of the company, pointed out that the main purpose of the book was to provide as many people as possible with a better understanding of the maritime profession and to transport the reader into a a romantic world of seafaring. Additionally, the reader gets to know more about the port and its development from a small harbor into a modern and efficient port. The connection between the town, the quay and the port have been evident for centuries.

Today the port of Vyborg remains the backbone for the town where the lives of families and livelihoods have been connected to the port or port-related activities for generations.

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Development of passenger shipping discussed at a meeting between the Finnish Minister of Transport and Director of the port of Vyborg

Development of passenger shipping discussed at a meeting between the Finnish Minister of Transport and Director of the port of Vyborg

On October 22 in a private meeting between Olga Ansberg, the general director of Port Logistic LTd, and Anne Berner, the Finnish Minister of Transport the parties discussed a potential plan of cooperation for the port of Vyborg and Finnish transport companies in terms of passenger and cargo shipment development.

After Vyborg entered an extensive programme “Preservation and revitalisation of small historical towns” with support from the Governor for the region of Leningrad, Alexander Drozdenko, the question of passenger shipping development became a topic. The programme includes a 5-7 years reconstruction plan and will allow the 725-year old town of Vyborg to take its rightful place among other historic and attractive towns such as Tallinn.

According to Olga Ansberg, implementing the plan to upgrade the port area will make the town more attractive for tourists arriving on local and international water routes. It will help Vyborg become an important tourist and logistical center and an attractive harbour for yacht tourism. In order to prepare the infrastructure plan for the port area development, Port Logistic LTd are meeting with potential partners, they are examining advanced technologies used in other ports and are participating in international events dedicated to passenger shipping.

The goal is to reach a healthy balance between modern requirements for a passenger port whilst respecting the heritage of the port of Vyborg which will demand innovative engineering solutions.


Vyborg is a historical town of national importance. Vyborg is also one of the nine small historical towns selected by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation to participate in the project “Preservation and revitalisation of small historic towns”. The project is to be implemented in cooperation with the New Bank of BRICS with input from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South African Republic. The New Bank of BRICS will allocate 1.8 bln, Rub towards restauration of cultural heritage sites, and another 440 mln Rub will come from the regional budget. At present extensive restauration works of Olaf’s Tower and Clock Tower in Vyborg are being carried out using federal and regional budget funds.

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Solutions to the problem of receiving small-sized vessels were discussed at a meeting at the harbor border crossing point of Vyborg

Solutions to the problem of receiving small-sized vessels were discussed at a meeting at the harbor border crossing point of Vyborg

On October 16, 2018 a meeting of the Coordination Council, chaired by the Deputy Director of the Rosgranstroy St. Petersburg branch took place in Vyborg. The participants represented state control bodies and members of the port transport infrastructure.

The key subject was the perspectives of the comprehensive development of the harbour crossing point of Vyborg with connection to small size vessels and yachts. From June 2018 until the present time handling of these vessels is suspended due to quay infrastructure inconsistency with the safety norms, incl. international requirements.

Olga Ansberg, the General Director of the port operator, Port Logistics Ltd., informed the attendees that the company was planning to make a rental agreement for a number of quays with Rosmorport in the running year. This would allow the port of Vyborg to begin a full-scale development of the port area and prepare the quays for the navigation season of 2019. Implementing the full-scale master plan means introduction of new handling technologies, improved inward and outbound passenger traffic organisation, as well as possibilities for handling coastal tourists. The master plan also includes the possibility to arrange short-term accommodation for small-sized vessels while entry and departure paperwork is being processed with subsequent long-term accommodation at the town yacht marina available.

Source: https://www.rosgranstroy.ru/news/news/in_a_marine_checkpoint_vyborg_discussed_the_problem_of_small_ships_and_yachts_/

The cargo turnover in the port of Vyborg hit the record for the first time in 25 years

The cargo turnover in the port of Vyborg hit the record for the first time in 25 years

The turnover in the port of Vyborg as of October, 01 2018 reached 1 mln. 346 thousands 106 tons as a result of 9 months of operation. This is for the first time in 25 years that the port reached such results for the same period. The results of nine months is close to the absolute yearly record of 2014. The turnover in 2014 was 1 622 thousand tons of cargo. The main factor that influenced the result of 2018 was 16.8% increase in handling of export coal (784 700 tons) in comparison with the total amount of it in 2017 (672 thousand tons). The amount of transshipped mineral fertilizers and packed and non-packed general cargo also increased. The growth of transshipment is also connected to a new management approach in the port. This year the company underwent structural reorganization and introduced a motivation policy for dockers.





Delegation from Kotka-Hamina paid a working visit to Vyborg

Delegation from Kotka-Hamina paid a working visit to Vyborg

The parties met on September 28 in the office of the Administration of the Vyborg district. This meeting took place within the framework of regional cooperation and was attended by representatives of the Vyborg district administration, city administrations of Kotka and Hamina, other municipalities of the South-Eastern Finland, as well as the Port of Vyborg. The host side was headed by Andrey Goloborod’ko, the Deputy Head of the Vyborg district administration. The parties discussed cooperation in a number of fields, including development of water tourism.

Source: http://www.vbglenobl.ru/news/vyborg-s-rabochim-vizitom-posetila-delegaciya-regiona-kotka-hamina

The stevedores of the Port of Vyborg contributed to publishing of a book for the port anniversary

The stevedores of the Port of Vyborg contributed to publishing of a book for the port anniversary

A book “The Town. The Quay. The Port.” dedicated to the history of the town was released in time for the 725 year anniversary of Vyborg. The book tells of the history and development of The Sea Commercial Port of Vyborg. It is the first book of this kind in the company’s history. Its release around the anniversary date symbolises the connection between the history of the port and the history of the town. It is the fact that the town received the status of a harbour town that defined its place in history. The harbour town was a vital place for trade and played an important role in commercial relations between North-West of Russia, Sweden and the Hanseatic League. Readers will learn new and interesting facts about the development and close connections between the port and the town. The edition published by ANO Favorit-Vyborg contains many historic documents and pictures that will appeal to historians and those who are interested in the local history as well as to a general reader. The release of the book became possible due to contribution from Port Logistics LTd and Port Vysotsky LTd.

Source: http://www.rzd-partner.ru/other/news/stividory-porta-vyborg-pomogli-vypustit-knigu-o-porte-k-yubileyu-goroda/

Woman Leader Conference took place during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

Woman Leader Conference took place during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

Organised by the Leningrad Regional Chamber of Commerce, participants and attendees at the conference came from a number of countries and belonged to various fields, including politics, business, healthcare and culture. Vyborg was represented by Olga Ansberg, who is the General Director of Port Logistic LTd. Participants in the discussions included high-ranking officials, business leaders and celebrities.

Elena Dyukareva, the Vice President of the Leningrad Regional Chamber of Commerce in her speech stressed that Russia was ranked 71 out of 144 in the gender equality rating of the World Economic Forum. On a positive note, opportunities and the rights of women in our country are considerably better than in the majority of Asian countries, even those of Japan and South Korea. Although unfortunately, Russia still trails it’s neighbouring North-European countries and the rest of Europe. However, the situation fares better in business. The 47 percent of females who occupy top positions in Russia is higher than in many other countries, for example in Germany and Japan, where the percentage is 18 and 7 respectively. Nonetheless, it is important to mention that while female managers dominate the media, financial and communication sectors, they are not present in the industrial sector. Happily, Olga Ansberg is an exception to this trend.

Source: http://vyborg-press.ru/articles/39263/

The Russian-German Foreign Trade Chamber organized a field meeting for the members of the working group for customs, transport and logistics in Vyborg

The Russian-German Foreign Trade Chamber organized a field meeting for the members of the working group for customs, transport and logistics in Vyborg

The Russian-German Foreign Trade Chamber is the largest association representing German business and economy in Russia and includes some 850 member companies. During the last year, the Chamber has worked to help the Federal Customs Service of Russia and the foreign businesses reach a better understanding. During a tour of The Port of Vyborg, Chamber members were given a detailed account of the ports history and future plans by the General Director, Olga Ansberg.

Source: http://vyborg-press.ru/articles/39236/

Port Logistics LLC took part in the annual Global Liner Shipping Conference in Hamburg

Port Logistics LTd took part in the annual Global Liner Shipping Conference in Hamburg

Key topics at this years conference was the future of port and terminal infrastructure, innovations in container logistics and their influence on the value chain, innovations profitability in the digital era, DNA of mergers and acquisitions, economics of ships working on LNG, service level and client relationship experience, digital delivery chain, leadership, sustainability and cooperation. All participants at the conference then had an opportunity to visit the container terminal in the Port of Hamburg.