Reception in Vyborg

Yuzhny Val street,1, Vyborg, Leningrad region, 188800
Tel.: +7 (81378) 2-75-63, 9-31-44
Fax: +7 (81378) 9-31-50

Commercial Dept.
Tel.: +7 (81378) 2-70-39, 9-31-58

HR dept.

Press service

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

If you are interested in participating or require any additional information about the Seaport of Vyborg and the passenger shipping development project, please contact Olga Ansberg, General Director of Port Logistic Ltd via email:
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Branch office in St. Petersburg

Kamennoostrovskiy av. 12, lit. A, St. Petersburg, 197101

Tel.: +7 (812) 245-65-50

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General Director
Olga Ansberg

Deputy General Director for Strategy and Investments
Andrey Pisarev

Head of the Security Dept.
Aleksey Kargozerov

Head of HR Dept.
Natalia Velitchenko

Head of the HSE Dept.
Konstantin Gavrilenko

Chief Engineer
Sergey Alekseev

Chief Accountant
Oksana Kalinina

Head of the Commercial Dept.
Svetlana Kotlyar

Head of the Legal Dept.
Alexander Mishlanov